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Michael Welch snackar New Moons framgång

Av Sofie - 25 november 2009 17:30

MTV har nu blivit den främsta källan för twilightsaga,ifall du frågar mig iafl. Dom har alltid toppeninfo och roliga intervjuer,bästa nyheterna. I could go on forever.

Här är en ny intervju,både artikel och video. Jag har båda två här :) Jag fick ett mail om att ni ville ha fler intervjuer på engelska. Så här kommer intervjun med Michael på english.

If you've been living under a rock (or you're just now emerging from the local movie theater where you've spent the last three days watching "New Moon" repeatedly), then perhaps you don't know that the "Twilight" sequel debuted this weekend with one of the biggest opening ever.

In the wake of such news, fan favorite Michael Welch swung by the MTV studios Monday morning (November 23) to give us his first interview following the film's massive success. With an extra bounce in his step and an ear-to-ear grin on his face, the actor who plays Mike Newton in the series was eager to talk about "Twilight" entering the ranks of the biggest franchises of all time.

"I'm feeling great," he said. "I feel really good. The night the movie opened, Friday night, Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwriter, threw a big 'Twilight' party at some fancy place ion Hollywood. As soon as I went in, I was talking to one of my buddies from Summit, and he was like, 'Just guess what we made from the midnight screening and the one day.' I was like, '$35 million,' being generous. My girlfriend said, '$50 million,' and I looked at her like she was crazy. He goes, '$70 million!' and I just started laughing uncontrollably. To get those kinds of numbers, it means that many people must have seen the film at least three times by the end of opening day!

"That is insane," he added. "And I love it."

With that in mind, we hit the actor fans affectionately refer to as "Mike/Mike" with a few of the "New Moon" record-setting feats of accomplishment and got his thoughts on what it means for the current state of "Twilight" Nation:

The Most Presold Tickets of Any Movie, Ever: "That says that the anticipation was obviously very high, and we knew going into it that the presales would be out of control. So we did anticipate a somewhat successful opening weekend, but that says it all to me. ... 'Lord of the Rings' had a following for years and years before those movies came out [and didn't do this]. There wasn't that much of a gap between when [the 'Twilight'] books were written and the movies came out. To generate that kind of excitement in that short a period of time is amazing. "

The Highest-Grossing Midnight Screening Total of All Time ($26.3 million): "That's amazing. That's crazy. And it's surprising, considering that so much of our fanbase are young kids out late on a Thursday night. I don't know if kids were skipping school on Friday or what, but still, I'm glad to have them. I would never condone kids skipping school, but thank you. I do appreciate it."

Best Single-Day Tally of All Time ($72.7 million on Friday): "[Previous record-holder] 'The Dark Knight' is incredible. I saw it three times, once in IMAX, so I helped contribute to that. It was a similar circumstance in that it was the sequel to a popular film. ... I think a lot of people [discovered both franchises on DVD]. We maintain our original fanbase but have more and more people jumping on. I'm sure it will be even more for 'Eclipse.' It's just a snowball at this point."

Third-Biggest Opening Weekend Ever ($140.7 million): "Wow, cool. ... I'm reaching for [all-time box-office champ] 'Titanic.' That's my goal. It has a lot of the same elements, that romantic element that I think keeps people coming back, particularly the girls. 'New Moon' was written in direct homage to 'Romeo and Juliet' and follows many of the same themes and structure. ... [Shooting the film,] I felt like I was a witness to history."

More Than $118 Million in Foreign Territories: "This is the craziest thing about being in movies in general. You have no idea who is watching you across the world. ... It blows my mind, people watching these movies that I'm lucky enough to be in. [The 'Twilight' films] have international appeal, because these are universal, human themes. And that's what it's about at the end of the day: telling stories that touch people and move the human spirit. That has no borders."



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Av Sofie - 8 juni 2011 19:27

Hejsan Svejsan, sorry har varit bortrest i lite mer än en vecka nu så jag hade ingen möjlighet att lägga upp Breaking Dawn Part I trailern. Det första jag gjorde nu när jag kom hem var att leta upp den och gissa om jag gillade den! :D   Mycket br...

Av Sofie - 28 maj 2011 13:17

Hittade en riktigt fantastisk video från 'So You Think You Can Dance'. Audition och tjejen som dansar i videon heter Melanie och hon dansar till The Meadow som var med i New Moon, jag tror ni alla känner igen den fina låten :) Jag kan inte mycket om ...

Av Sofie - 25 maj 2011 17:28

Här kommer den första officiella postern för Breaking Dawn part 1! Verkligen passande tycker jag :D Nu ser jag verkligen fram emot trailern ;)   Källa ...

Av Sofie - 16 maj 2011 16:29

Fantastiska nyheter alla Twilight fans! Hoppas verkligen att detta är sant, men enligt Sérgio Sá Leitão, ordförande i RioFilme, kommer den första officiella Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailern att visas under MTV Movie Awards, och den ska innehålla scener ...

Av Sofie - 14 maj 2011 09:15

Imdb har nu släppt en lista över releasen av Breaking Dawn världen över och det ser ut som att vi får se BD den 18e november samtidigt som USA :) Spännande det är bara lite mer än 6 månader innan vi får se den!   The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn ...



vilken är den bästa filmen i Twilight sagan?
 New Moon
 kan inte välja, alla är lika bra :)

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